Poor FPS on a good PC. Any solution?

I’m running the game on an Nvidia GTX 970 4GB, i7-4790k quad @ 4.4GHz, 16GB RAM on windows 8.1 and i get shocking FPS.

With all the settings on minimum it cannot hit 60fps and can even drop to as low as sub 20. With in-game setting on max it seems to not even make much difference maybe 5 fps loss over min settings.

I can run games like BF4/skyrim @ max and get easily 60+ FPS

I’ve tried to change settings in nvidia control panel but nothing seems to make much difference. Have the latest drivers and so on also.

what resolution are you running on? try turning off “procedural virtual texturing”

what about RAM? also do u have 32 or 64 windows? coz 32 limits the ram on less than 4gb, i believe u need atleast 8gb ram to play rust properly

1920x1080, I’ve tried every setting on/off max/min make virtually no difference.

16gb DDR3 RAM and it’s a 64bit OS.

Edit: Shader level 400+, Ambient occlusion and Graphics quality 3+ seem to have the biggest impact on performance. I don’t see an noticeable difference with procedural virtual texturing on/off as with the rest of the settings.

Sounds like you’ve tried what i would have done. Grasping at straws, try setting your rust memory allocation to near 16GB:

Right click on rust in your steam library, in properties, launch. In the box type -maxmem=16000

Otherwise, you might be maxing out. To put it into perspective, I’m running x3 980s over 5760x1200. Running on one gpu, I get 18 - 25 fps. In x3 SLI (still experimenting with this, not as stable) its about 35 - 55 fps.

To put it another way, running on just one monitor (1920x1200), one GPU, I get about 55 fps. Now considering yours is a 970, I would expect less than 55 fps.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :frowning:

Even with -maxmem=16000 Rust is only using 3600mb of RAM. Rust is only using 50%-60% of my available GPU load and about 30% of my available CPU load.

I don’t mind having to lower settings somewhat in a very nice looking game but… Let’s say Rust is no Metro: Last Light!

Sounds familiar mate, I allocated all my ram and rust barely wanted any of it. Strange it’s not maxing out your g-card though. Have you tried k-boosting in evga precision x (or alternate). Sounds like you know what you’re doing, but that works similar to c-states in cpu overclocking where it will run the gpu at max boost all the time. I use it to ensure my cards stay in sync, but might be worth a go.

Again grasping at straws, something I will try tonight and that’s to disable any powersaving crap in nivida. Worth a punt…

turn shadows off in the console. I forget the command something.shadowdistance 0

graphics.shadowdistance 0 maybe?

Rust has significant performance problems right now, because it’s still well in development. Turning PVT on should improve performance, if anything, at the expense of more video RAM being used.

Skyrim and BF4 are finished, optimized games, while Rust’s still an active construction zone.