Poor perfomance

So here is are problem i play rust experimental few month ago and all was fine, and few days ago i decided to check what’s in game, but it’s imposible to play i get 10-25 fps on lowest settings, even when in turn of all effects and drow distance to 50, i get only 30, then i look to cpu\gpu\ram usage cpu 70% gpu 50% (800mb vram used don’t know why) and most strange use all ram even in game menu, also it take all page file i try different size from 800 to 6000, few times i get game crushed and several bsod. There is any solutions to fix it ?
btw problem only with new rust in legacy i have 80-110 fps.
my system:
Phenom II x4 960T 3.7 mhz
GTX 660
4gb ram

It’s a problem with the code, not your computer. All we can do is wait for them to fix whatever is bogging down the game.