Poor-----Rich loot Slider? Do servers have one?

My first 2 rad runs on a new server netted a mountain of loot. Guns, ammo, explosives BP, pickaxe, medkit, etc. Is this something admins can set without modding or did I just get extremely lucky? I didn’t get the explosives BP in an entire week on the last server. Not liking the prospect of guns and explosions going off all night and ruining my beauty sleep.

My first run of a radtown after the update netted:

  • Syringe BP
  • A bow
  • 1 arrow
  • leather gloves
  • 3 empty barrels.

I think you got lucky.

Very next run got me another bolt and 30 .556, and a few minor BPs. Might have to buy a lottery ticket.

I’ve never heard any news about mods setting loot tables yet. It was a thing back in legacy, but from what I know (which is not everything), there is nothing like that yet.

If I we’re you I would definitely buy 3 lottery tickets.

Yea, that’s a pretty good run. For me it feels like 1 in 10 runs gets me a decent item. Also, I’ve never gotten anything good out of that bigger rad town.

On a side note, have loot crates been implemented for other buildings like the hangar and that brick building?

I’ve investigated those monuments a few times and never seen any crates. I can’t say I know 100% but I’m fairly certain the only monuments that do spawn loot are the two radtowns (big and small)

I ran hangar once on an empty server and didn’t see any crates.

2 more runs (1 big 1 medium):

.556 BP
Medkit BP
Salv Icepick
Salv Icepick BP
Salv Axe BP
tommy + 60 rounds

This is quite a bit like another server I tried and quit after a day.

Server owners: If you mess with loot tables put your server in the modded tab or at least put something in the title to let people know.

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Last one, I promise!

Medium rad:
Explosives BP (which I already had)
Salvaged Icepick