poorly made generic fps view picture... again


woo so fun

dof’s a little way extreme

It wouldn’t have that big of a dof because he’s in a small room.

Also, I’m guessing you tried to make that guy walk up the stairs, but it just looks like he is standing.

Good pose, a bit empty, and I could tell you weren’t trying.

Its really empty, you should have a door and a few cabinets or something.

Lack of finger posing

This look like Killzone 2 View

no it doesn’t haaha

Why is he holding the weapon so high and far off center? It looks like it’s on top of his shoulder at the edge of it. It’s bad enough when games do that, but when a picture does that intentionally it’s even worse.

The posing’s okay I guess. I don’t know why that guy on the stairs is pressing his left front calf into the step, though. He could be leaning forward more too. The crouching guy’s legs need to be spread out more, and arms more tucked in. He looks unstable.

What kills the whole picture for me though is the map itself. It looks like ass; Ugly lighting, lack of proper details, the whole area looks huge compared to them. (though you could excuse that since virtually all maps are made in valve’s scale, which basically makes a 6’ 9" door 9 feet tall compared to a person, and a person 4’ 5" compared to the world.)

Overall I have to agree with the title.