Popeye (second character model I have made)

Then it became a tf2 hat:

Then decided to make him into a real model:

now I’m making him into a personal skin for the soldier in tf2 complete with sound replacements, possibly a new taunt to replace the equilizer taunt, doubt it will happen though, still updating the model regularly, right now he doesn’t have a modeled mouth, I’ll add that later I might upload wireframe views of him

here is something to listen too

That’s pretty awesome.

Haha awesome. Make a can of spinach after.

Give him TF2 shaders if you’re using it as a hat, though.


wait what was the first character

Buff Banner needs spinach replacement.

You should definately give it some TF2 shaders, it’ll make it look so much better.

it does have tf2 shaders, I used the same vmt code from my popeye hat

Awsome. hey can anyone here make a Spinach SWEP and you get stronger and more health. that would be EPIC

I have to work on the neck and head a little they spazz a little when posing


I added the pyro lightwarp to him

Oh man the memories i loved pop eye one of the coolest models ive ever seen

I’ll post my sources if anyone is interrested:

Pyro’s lightning looks awesome on him.
Are you going to make him faceposable?

he doesn’t have a mouth yet

I’m working on Olive now:
here is the rough model outline, Popeye looked that ugly when I started his outline too:

Very nice. :smiley:

Looking forward to it.

I’m currently adding more detail to the popeye face

she is getting there

She’ll be a TF2 replacement as well, perhaps? If so, who?

Also, when can we expect Bluto as a Heavy replacement? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job. Maybe the neck should be just a little smaller, but everything else looks good.
I can’t wait to make some poses with Popeye.