Popular Exploits =Fix Required=

  • Wood Barricade on top of Pillar

  • Wood Barricade on top of Spiked Walls

  • Crates on top of Pillars

  • Crates on top of Spiked Walls

  • Spiked Walls on top of Pillars

  • Spiked Walls on top of Spiked Walls

It’s easy to glitch on top of those and just blow up walls, grief as much as possible, etc…

Use the spikes as a bridge with the crates on top of it so you won’t take any damage.


Welcome to alpha. Thanks for the clear screenshot describing the problem, that’s far more than 95% of the complaints ever provide.

No, I’m not a dev.

Ugh, dis 'ere be Alpha.

Hahahahahahaha set up a base like that and nobody will raid you in the fear of your telekinetic powers and due to general wtf.

When I was on the mountain I could place on the air a BARRICADE, and with that I could do a bridge to a tower builded by players… I can’t test it again if they fixed but I think they fixed it.

It was quite funny because that tower was under attack and I went like an angel ‘Here I am !’ hahahahaha