Popular Gmod server closing down (gmod theater)

I came across this page when I was searching for some vgui stuff in google.
Anyway, I’ve only played an hour or so of this server ages ago, but I met some pretty cool people and it had a fun atmosphere. I just thought I’d post this as I’m sure a lot of people have been on this server, and you may find this an interesting read.

What are your opinions on this server and it’s shutting down?

I think this is bad. Gmod theater was indeed a good server.

played there a couple of times, sad to see it go. But we can always start a new server :smiley:

I’ve already had a theaterish gamemode up for a week or two on gmod13. I didn’t play gmod theater before but from what I understand it’s pretty much the same. It’s called Multiplayer TV.

gmod theatre…wasn’t that the server that was always infested with idiots and had bad videos playing 24/7 in every room

Also running my own Lobby server which has a few cinemas in it. Not quite as elaborate as GMTheatre or MPTV, but it serves the same purpose.

Seemed like a good idea but poorly executed whenever i’ve seen it. And boring

RIP gmod theater

i will miss the arguments 24/7 with furfags and MLP fags posting their stupid shit constantly.

i will miss the surgical videos being posted along with porn, gay porn, pony porn and garry newman porn.

RIP gmod theater

"Life is but a Stopping Place
Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what’s to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay…
Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey’s quicker,
For some the journey’s slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We’ll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the lord
Author Unknown

We will all now tap our F2 keys constantly to skip our memory of this great loss.
RIP gmod theater.

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I played it a while way back in the day when everything was poorly coded and the special rooms would just try to run a command on you to teleport you back to spawn, it was pretty cool back then.

Went into it about a year ago when it was “popular” and it was just a bunch of idiots circlejerking around really terrible Japanese videos and shit with pretty much everyone just trying to troll by making people sit through bad videos or something.

It comes a time when the prime of a community and server passes, it’s really up to the owner if they wish to ride it all the way into the ground or if they want to just close up shop while it’s still good and there’s actually people still around to remember it.

I did the same, it’s actually rather funny what comes out after you do something like this. You’d be surprised that pretty much everyone you ever trusted with anything from an admin position or a piece of information will eventually come out of the woodwork that they were not even worth conversing with.


Its very sad to see this great and amazing community go, It was one of those communities which made GMOD what it is today.

However being optimistic when one door closes another opens. I wish all the admins and staff and players of this community the best of luck, and If i have learnt anything from garrysmod communities im pretty sure either a member or a member of staff will start a new community for GMOD 13. If it will be any good is another matter.

What I liked about this server is that you don’t need to do anything in particular. Well, there were many pony fags and ear rapers, but other than that it was pretty funny. Atleast you could reserve a room, if I’m not mistaken.

Remember playing this I wasn’t much of a fan because why watch the videos when you can watch them from youtube. But I guess people just wanted to chill with other people and just have a good time.

Everytime I was on everyone was being a fucktard towards eachother, but I still enjoyed it most of the time.

Dang! Now how will I watch porn with other strangers on the internet?!


GMod Theater is responsible for me becoming a brony:

Excuse the audio quality, the gain was too damn high.
This was recorded on 25 May 2011, the night after my high school graduation.

It was either ponies or watch 55 hours of Rick Roll that no one was skipping.

Granted I take flaming for being a brony, but I’ve found more friends & better people than I knew from anything else before.

Hello I Am The Owner Of This Server And I Would Like To Say That This Is Just A Rumor And The Server Is Staying Up

I doubt the owner would capitalize the first letter of every word.

RIP TMP and RIP Gmod Theater

Me and my friends are starting back up the “Gcinema” server for Gmod 13

Stay Tuned

(we also have recruited like half they’re staff, and are building a bunch of hype for our server, I would personally consider our server the “Spiritual Succsessor” of Gmod Theater, but Nextek and Zimtower want Gmod Theater to “quietly die” despite all the good things that came from that server, I plan to have a small room showing the names of the staff or some other kind of memorial)