Popular Servers every month

Description : The thumbnail is for each server with a maximum of 5 servers, you can vote your favorite server. You can see how many votes the server has and depend of the quantity you can see 1, 2 or 3 Stars.
The votes will be reseted every month to get an opportunity for new servers.

The Suggestion : In the principal interface put the five top servers with a thumbnail of S&box depend of country. I will think that you can choose the language, obviously.

Based : I haven’t seen it never on games, so is my idea.

¿Why? : Because I think that is a great idea to get popularity to all the servers and see less servers without people, especially for new servers. In GMod or Rust the people have worked a lot of time with his maps, configurations and plugins but without chance to get people. Not only these games, all the games do not give a chance to the people with new servers or servers that has a lot of time opened and no people.

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We discussed something similar already, servers are just going to give you perks when giving them a positive rating and voting for them, just like how they ask you to follow their group and add something to your name.
It’s just going to be a popularity contest, the servers should be hand-picked.


Or maybe a tab for hot or new game modes instead of top servers, since it could lead to bribery and yada yada…


I don’t think that hand picking servers would garner much confidence from players. An automated system that takes into account multiple different factors (like votes, average latency/distance, average players, download size) to make it hard to game might be better.


Basically echoing what @tt2468 said here:
Personally not a huge fan of stuff like this because the system is almost always manipulated, especially where there’s a vote system. Not only that, but a popular server isn’t always what a player is looking for - so having an automated system that is instead tailored to a player’s unique interests would be the best idea.

On the other hand, though: if there’s a server browser, then what’s the point in auto-filtering / auto-picking at all?


It will be broken and abused in the first 2 weeks after release if not sooner.


Maybe the best initial approach would be to have several lists of servers ranked by only one criteria. One list of popular servers (most players), one list of newest servers, one list of most voted, etc.

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Player needs a flexible tool to filter and sort servers by every criteria that’s available, especially for gamemodes (author, gameplay tags, publish date, extra addons) - Garry’s Mod really lacks this. Any system that “knows better what you want” often makes mistakes and can be abused.


What do you mean Gmod lacks filtering? They added it in the March update, you can filter server by game mode, player count, region, etc.