Popular TTT Maps?

Hey My name Is TheApexProject,

                                             Recently I Bought A TTT Server,I was just wondering (I know this may be hard to answer and it maybe be just luck to get,But)Does Anyone Know any Popular TTT Maps? I used to hold my server on ttt_minecraft_b5 And First Off I know that is one of the most popular TTT Maps because it does not require CS:Source,I was getting average base 10 players per 3 days,I Then Changed to ttt_67thway_v3.bsp And,Well I do more than just notice,But I see that No one joins my server! I have it Downloading The map file from workshop....

                                                                                                 If Anyone could tell me some Popular TTT Maps on Workshop (Because my FastDL Isn't very good)That would be very Appreciated! :)


67th, rooftops, minecraft. That’s all I can say, really.


These are generally quite popular and mainstream maps that people like. Do make sure you have a balance though, and get some obscure stuff too, since if you look at the ttt server browser, there’s always a billion servers on Minecraft. It’s also really tedious for regulars to have to play the same maps over and over and just because a map is popular and gets you users, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get you nice or polite players.

Like, Minecraft gets a LOT of players but they’re usually wankers

Haaha thanks I know that minecraft on ttt playerbase are really just arseholes and randomers lol…