Popularity of rust?

As you think?
Rust bypass “Minecraft” popularity?
I think at the rust has all the chances, and it will replace “Minecraft”

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Explain the reason for, and do not put an assessment…

Oops, sorry!

They are different games with different aims. I think Rust will replace Minecraft about as much as Skyrim replaced World of Warcraft.

Some people will stop playing Minecraft to play Rust because Rust is closer to the game they really want to play, but there will still be a lot of people playing Minecraft for a long time.

I’d actually be happy if it didn’t become more popular than Minecraft, because the community took development of Minecraft away from Mojang, with thousands of mods doing everything faster and more comprehensively than the dev team could. Legacy is already being supported entirely by mods, but that’s because garry abandoned legacy as a prototype; however, even while garry was still working on it, the community plugins immediately started outpacing development and implemented player-demanded features that the dev team didn’t actually intend on implementing (like teleport-to-friends).

I hope Rust does not get as popular as it was on Steam launch again until it’s ready to take the Early Access tag off (then it’ll be great if it goes big again), because while it was cool seeing the game have 50,000 simultaneous players on thousands of servers, there were too many people who didn’t understand how early the game was, and their complaints clogged up the forum and drowned out the important things, like feedback to garry.

Once the game’s finished, then it’s great if Rust gets really popular and gains millions more players.

Frank, I love you, man, but these kind of gag responses are less funny than you think.

Thank you for your clear answer
Still, I hope that the era of the game “Minecraft” thing of the past

Oh well, just trying to keep the mood light. Please rate them as dumb or disagree then.

Rust is bloody, brutal, unforgiving and raw. Minecraft is cute and sanitized.

Rust will never appeal to the masses as much as Minecraft.

Let’s keep it that way.

I’ve never seen Elix soften his criticism of somebody with a qualifier before.

I’ll help you keep the numbers down by terrorizing all the other players.