Popularity of Source over Unreal

I come with a humble question. Why do so many people prefer to take the time to learn the source engine over the unreal engine? I find the source engine much more challenging to learn and use. I also find the source engine much less rewarding because i am learning the engine to engage in a career using that engine, but hardly any companies in the video game industry (other than small indie studios and Valve) use source, whereas unreal dominates almost every platform and genre. Most games on the market today are run using unreal.

So why do most people choose to learn source? I mean everyone who makes maps these days all make them using source, Unreal games are left collecting dust with no new maps or skins to show off.

Well I like source because in my opinion its easy as shit to use. Also source is pretty damn flexible when it comes to making maps I hear (I mean people made drive able school buses out of brushes).

Its because most people start off playing Valve games for PC, and at a younger age wanted to do something with it. The appeal to Source for me is the ease of level creation. One man can create an entire level himself without the need of new models, textures or sounds. The source engine comes with a wide variety content too; from Half-Life: Source to Portal 2, meaning most people can create levels for their favourite games, where as most games on Unreal dont come with modding support.

When you look at Unreal, you need several people to get something done, you need a modeler, a texture artist, and a level designer. But with Source you can just jump into Hammer and start creating your levels.

That’s debatable. Unreal editors included with unreal games utilize all of the content in the game including sounds textures and models just like those in source. But making custom content (like models and textures) is FAR easier than making content for source. Unreal accepts ASE. and TGA, BMP, and DDS textures whereas in source you ned to convert to vtm and vtf. Its much more taxing and painful to use for beginners.

I wish valve would release that SDK ui update Gabe promised a year ago

The only major thing that hammer requires is a real time lighting preview

Well this is a forum mainly about Garry’s Mod and Valve’s games, you obviously won’t find many people using the Unreal Engine.

I’m trying to learn UDK and I find it more much more challenging than Hammer because it has like 2000 different options whereas Hammer is less than that. Overall, I only mean about the UI. I still like UDK because its so much more convenient, like real time previews and etc, but modding with Source is just so much easier.

I also find UDK very challenging to use, but Source is very obsolete these days and is not worth learning. It’s a hard switch.

The main difference is that creating brushes in Source is way more easier than Unreal.

I gave UDK a try some while ago and I was missing easy-to-use entities like sliding doors, rotating doors, hinges, buttons, motors, etc. and the parenting system. Before I tried it I thought Kismet (flowgraphs) would be so much easier to use than Hammer’s boring input/output menus but it wasn’t that easy.

Even if I looked enough into it to learn all that stuff and even if I found a way to import models where the lightmap UV is not messed up, there still wouldn’t be a game like HL2, TF2, Portal 2, L4D2 or GMod to make maps for … at least mapping for UT3 and similar games seems not as popular.

Maybe I’ll give the next Unreal Engine another try, where I don’t need lightmap UVs for the models since all the lighting is dynamic.

I think the problem is with the companies. Most “mainstream” companies won’t release an editor for the game so they can slap on dlc for a price, with an editor, and custom content support, dlc is useless for those who can mod the dlc and make it free. The only company bsides Epic that i can think of off the top of my head that releases the enine and supports custom content is Tripwire but both killing floor and red orchestra have dead communities.

I’ve used Source SDK for a few years and god damn is it outdated, slow, and buggy. I really have no regrets now that I’ve gone more into 3d modelling and environment art with Unreal. Really I think Source SDK was holding me back by making other, more useful tools look too daunting to learn when in reality I kind of wasted my time by limiting myself with Source.

That’s similar to the way i feel, starting with unreal and moving to source was difficult because a lot of the things that should be quick and easy are ridiculously over complicated and time consuming. That’s the main reason i brought up this question.

Lets see if source 2 doesnt bat unreal out of the fucking park

I think the real reason why so many people use source is because any random joe can learn it fairly quickly. Unreal you need to have decent modeling skills to do anything decent.

Again, i still don’t understand why you “need” to know any modeling to use an unreal editor. Making maps for unreal 3, gears of war, red orchestra, or killing floor requires no modelling whatsoever because all of the models in the games are at your disposal.

Modelling skills are not incredibly difficult to acquire.

Just yesterday I was crying myself to sleep when I compared Cryengine 3 SDK to Source SDK. Just at look at what this guy did Cryengine 3 SDK, astonishing.

You know, with proper art direction and mapping skill, Source could produce something that neat. I mean just look at Black Mesa. It’s running on Source, but hell, it looks pretty spiffy.

For a nearly nine year old video game engine, Source can do impressive stuff.