Populating a Gmod Server.

Hi, for the first time in my life I decided I was going to own a gmod server. I recently finished developing it, but am having some trouble populating it. And YES, it is a DarkRP server, but please dont reply with: ‘nah m8 your fuked wit darkrp get TTT or perp or somethin’. I have no desire to change gamemode. The name of it is: Maximum Gaming DarkRP | Heists | TDM | 30+ Jobs | Friendly |. Everyone that I have asked about this has said the same thing, that I need to get a ‘Playerbase’ (Regulars). Does anyone who owns/owned a DarkRP server have any tips/tricks on how to do that? Thanks in advance.

If you want to retain a nice playerbase, then there has to be something that makes your DarkRP server different than the hundreds of others; why should players play on your server? What’s unique about it?

run with the regular dark rp gamemode with no special privileges purchasable or attainable by regular players, recruit admins you absolutely know you can trust to not be a cock even when they’re having a bad day, use default classes, change the server name to “Maximum Gaming DarkRP” without the extra fluff, run rp_downtown_v2 because v4 is absolutely shit, but v2 is still something people are familiar with, and make sure an admin is on in regular enough intervals that if a shitfest begins, they can alleviate it in 1-2 hours tops, with exception to the server’s lowest traffic hours

if at all possible, remove durgzmod. bonus points if wiremod is installed and up to date.

do not strive to be unique, be reliable and consistent. a server’s unique attributes when amongst many servers running the same game mechanics are emergent, not intentionally imposed.

if at all possible, keep administrative interaction with the playerbase to a minimum. intervention should purely be for the sake of maintaining an exploit/griefing free server environment

this does not mean an admin should not be able to play regularly on a server, merely that they should primarily be seen by other players as a fellow player rather than some kind of manhandler

these are hard to maintain but ideal conditions for a perfectly enjoyable vanilla dark rp server that is bound to get regular players if the server is stable and up around the clock

Don’t know what server list you’ve been looking at but vanilla DarkRP servers always fail

I’ld play on a Vanilla server over a crappy customized overly generic 100 million player models for donators server any-day.

This is the IP of the server if anybody would like to have a look: (I don’t mean to advertise, I will remove this if needed)

Host events. That’s my biggest thing. If a holiday is right around the corner, get some decorations going as well as maybe some stuff happening. Christmas soon? Snowy map, trees/presents and NPCs that you can talk to (maybe give gifts). Just make the server seem alive and give people a reason to look forward to playing.

Even do small weekend events every once in awhile, up to you to decide but competitions seem to get people excited. Doing that will make your community more enthusiastic to be on during free-time and even contribute.

Thanks guys, all the feedback really helped.

That is the exact thing you need to do if you are looking for a healthy and active player base.
Make donations optional, without giving any benefits but the feeling that he is contributing to something he likes. You could also give rewards to the first players, and so they will be happy and invite other friends of theirs to your server.
This is very easy to accomplish.

1 - Make a friendly, not complicated interaction with the player and server.
2 - Be sure that the player is feeling welcome, because if he is treated this way, he will treat others this way.
3 - Events, make the server feel alive and fresh.
4 - Always try to be innovative.

These are good tips! I was planning on making my own with my brother.

Creating a server is very easy as long as the owners are disciplined and know how to deal with people of all personalities. Also, remember not to make rules too harsh, always keeping the fun.
A good thing to do would be to make a group, and in there, a forums for the players to suggest plugins and such.
The customer is always right.

Good luck.

Except when they’re wrong.

That’s a totally wrong statement to stand by. It makes your staff feel like they aren’t appreciated because if the customer is always right then their actions will be undermined when a customer isn’t satisfied.

Whoever’s right is right. Don’t make your players entitled, and don’t make your staff work harder than they should. Make both groups feel appreciated, and both groups will help each other to function properly.

The words of somebody who has never worked in retail. The customer is not always right. I can’t tell you how many suggestions that I get on my DarkRP server that I simply have to shoot down. They want massive downloads, they want /advert something that excuses the RDM that they’re about to commit, they want game breaking addons, they want the rate on printers jacked up, they want raid restrictions removed and base building rules changed to the point that they can have a damn labyrinth of fake fading doors, they want self supply to be okay, it goes on and on. Not all players know how to facilitate good gameplay or know why some rules need to be in place. They simply are not always right.

Good admins are the only thing you need.

I know diddly squat about DarkRP but I’ve had a few servers that have been met with varying degrees of success; my advice would be start small - keep downloads small and just provide a friendly and enjoyable environment. Not only is it nice to have friendly people on the server players seem to love having a friendly owner on the server - make sure to play, even if you have to sit and populate it yourself.

In terms of content I have no idea what DarkRP people like because I’ve never gone near it but KingOfBeast knows his stuff.

Hey Max, tried sending you a PM, but it looks like you’ve got those disabled.
Shoot me a message on steam sometime.

Old thread but, I started playing Dark RP roughly 6 months ago and the thing I looked for was a very solid, clean and enjoyable environment. What I mean by that is things are where they belong, it’s not an RDM fest, the admins know their stuff and overall just a solid server. Another thing is reliability, the server doesn’t appear like it’s in bad shape, just a place where you know you will definitely stay.

I would agree with most of the players above;

You need to keep your admins in order, this is one of your top priorities. If a player, (such as myself), joins a server where admins act like they have total authority and are even the slightest bit rude, I leave and find another one.

You should also keep the community friendly as a whole, have a community site by chance. If you increase your interactions with members, they will become more friendly to you and perhaps be online more often.

If you’re looking to get some quick players, possibly invite 3 of your friends to enter the game with you so it says 4/** players in-game. People like to join servers that have at least some people in-game.

I also suggest this: Let them be creative.

When I first started playing DarkRP after a huge move to where I currently live I found a server. It was a decent server, admins minged/trolled and didn’t really follow the rules, but it had a healthy player base. What I found as my favorite though was Wire. They allowed E2’s to be made by anyone. Now, I’m not saying go and use this but the fact remained that people could be extremely creative with their designs (even though it is so easily abused).

Try to figure out ways to let people do things their own way and make an impact in the server. Give them the tools and 9/10 they will surprise you.

I think if you offer those types of things that other servers don’t have, then you will be golden in retaining a respectable player base. Just remember: Think outside of the box, don’t be afraid to give them a little leeway (as long as it’s on a leash you can quickly yank back) and do everything for the players. Keep feedback they give in mind, if there’s a major decision ask them.

Other than that, just have fun and flow with it.

I do realize also I had posted earlier, just like giving feedback is all.

I would reserve E2 for sandbox servers, it’s simply too big a dominant strategy enabler in an RP environment.