Hello, dudes. Thats my first thread. I wanna ask u, ppl. For about a month i was playing with steam command at library named “-popupwindow”, which disables windows corners, so you cant even understand if rust is working in windowed mod or not. It is very usefull when u often use “alttab”, speaking with friends in ff or else. Now this command doesn’t work( What went wrong?(

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Some one?

Im confused on what you are asking???

Did this occur after the update?

Same here. I am not 100% sure but I gave the new sky a look yesterday and this did not happen as far as I can remember. After changing to DEV branch today -popupwindow has no effect anymore. Neither in DEV not release branch. Did you switch to DEV as well MrKeLevra?

Yeah, right after the last update i got this problem. The other guy starter the post with the same problem.

Have same trouble.

It works fine even after update client. And then client crashed, restarted and voila - no borderless anymore.

Even more. I installed standalone app, called “Borderless Windowed”. And it works fine yesterday.
But today BANG - no borderless for Rust even with standalone app.


same problem here

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but a player from my server said that he also play on borderless window and have no problem


Same problem. Problem started after last update.

bump, -popupwindow still doesn’t working for me :confused: