Porcentage to accept vote (DarkRP)

Hey, i’m new in this game, so, i want to ask if someone know how can i change the percentage to accept job vote in DarkRP

If 30% of the people in game vote yes, the person who create the vote will change to the job.

I need help!
If someone know, please post to me where and how can i do it!

Thanks !

(I’m sorry, i posted in wrong section, if a moderator can change my post to the correct place, i’ll be thankful)

You should have posted this in the DarkRP thread

A vote (demotion or a job vote) is accepted when the majority of the voters vote yes OR when the yes and no votes are equal.

If there are 11 players in the server, the eleventh player starts a vote about being a mayor.
if all 10 people vote and 5 vote yes, he’s mayor
if 3 people vote and two voted yes he’s mayor
if 8 people vote and 3 vote yes, he’s not a mayor.

Yea, i found where i can edit the percentage, so, when i come back of my course, i’ll post how to change the porcentage of vote, thanks.

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It’s percentage, not porcentage.

It is…?

You learn that in school don’t you?

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