Pornography store in rust?

My buddy told me Facepunch is going to implement some sort of in-game pornography store in rust. I initially thought this would be a horrible idea and was sure that he was wrong, but after some thought, I think it would make the game more immersive and enjoyable, and therefore have concluded that it is a possibility for Facepunch to consider this idea. This is how it would work. The store in question would act as a sort of rad town. Instead of scavenging for items and such, you would fight for the opportunity to view films of the pornographical variety. Once you achieve this, you would have one ticket to enter the shop/theatre. This place would be a safe zone and you would have approximately one hour to either enjoy your seat in the theatre and watch one of the prescribed pictures, or stroll through the store looking at erotic pictures (printed on signs). What say you rust enthusiasts?

What the fuck mate :v:


Did your friend also tell you about the nude code in Tomb Raider?

Pretty sure this game would be rated M as it is now, dude. If they added a porno store to the game with actual media (video, picture, or otherwise), it would end up being rated AO (Adults Only) and would most likely not be allowed on Steam due to their policies against AO-rated games.

Not to mention, but if you really want to add to your personal spankbank, I’m pretty damn sure there are other sites for that kind of stuff. :v:

Terrible attempt at trying to use “my friend told me…” to disguise a bad feature request.

This is the same user who recently made a thread asking for sex in Rust.

OP, do you not know about pornhub? Do you know how to avoid chafing? Do you know you can buy personal lubricant without ID? Off to the races with you.

I’ll save you the trouble of making your next sex in Rust question: NO, there are no plans to add beastiality to Rust. I am not on the Dev team, but can safely say such. Get help with how you feel that one boar is “so hott”.

I want the UnNude patch the male character please god, do it !!

Plz sir

Tell us how to avoid chafing haha!

Put it away.