Port a Pokemon map to Gmod ?

Is there a way to port a Pokemon Map from Platinum/Omega Ruby over to Garrys Mod?I know how to extract the models and vonvert them to .smd/.obj but how can I convert them into a working Gmod map ?

Source doesnt support completely model-based mapping. You could just port the models and slap them in, but the lighting would be fucked and optimization would be non-existant. You would be better off remaking the maps by hand.

How do I slap them in?
I’m quiet new to source and model editing…

Doesn’t wallworm allow you to export a model or something that made in 3dmax to a vmf ? you could then export the base layout as a vmf then add the converted models to the map

Google, my friend.

.obj to .mdl (even if the lighting will look shit, as gmod doesn’t have lightmaps on static props like all the other source mods).

I know that I can convert .obj to .mdl, what must I do after that?

it might be easier to load the .obj into wallworm and export a vmf of it then in Gmod hammer retexture it

Put the various models in the map, use invis brushes for collisions. Its pokemon, lighting is garbage anyway so don’t worry too much about that. Don’t forget to close the map with brushes to avoid leaks.

Better yet, port the textures and the models, place the models in the grid and use them as guides to make brushes, then use the textures on those brushes. It will look and run better with brushes. Leave models for small props that would be difficult as brushes. Keep lighting simple and sharp.

And how exectly do I have to do this?

Btw. the Wallworm export doesn’t work for me. It gives a 1kb .vmt file with nothing in it and if I select compile on export , it says VBSP doesn’t work anymore!

Refer to the second paragraph of my post as to how to build your map.
Your primary concern is getting the pokemon models into hammer. However, I cannot help on that, my knowledge of model porting is quite limited.