Port CSS Models to hl2?

Is there a way to do that? I don’t mean make them work with hl2 i mean make it use hl2’s hands.
Any help?

you can use GCFscape to move the models over to the hl2 folder. But you imply that you want to replace the hl2 hands with css hands, that’s a difficult process especially if you don’t have a 3d model program :l.

The 3d model program is not an obstacle. I just need to know how to do it.


Maybe you know someone who can do it for me? I would love to have the galil ported to hl2.

If you’re using it for Gmod, you won’t notice the glaring errors too much.

Not what I meant…


I meant the actual model. Not a retexture :expressionless:

You have to put the CS:S hands onto the HL2 rig then decompile every HL2 weapon then position your new CS:S rig over the HL2 hands then remove the original hand mesh then compile

He says he wants the galil in HL2, so I think he means he wants CSS weapons in HL2, not CSS hands on HL2 weapons.

Then just reverse it and put the HL2 hands onto the CS:S hand rig and decompile the CS:S weapons he wants same with the rest of it

Is there a way to unmerge some merged meshes? Specifically the two hands from the galil model