Port error?

Hey guys!

My Problem is with my server, it works fine for other people when they join it(via IP) but when i join it always times me out! is this happening because gmod and my server are running on the same port?


You must to set up static IP and forward the ports. http://portforward.com/ when you’ll be searching the games list, search for half life 2. And next time google before asking simple questions.

I was wondering, should I select Half Life 2 or Half life 2 Server?

sorry for sounding like a noob but this will fix the “Client Timed Out” message when ever i play an online game?

bump… sorry i just really need an answer!

You can choose any of both, it actually uses same ports. There’s no difference.

Nope, I don’t think so. Client timed out error is normally because of a bad connection with the server.
Also could be because of a slow internet connection.
Check your internet connection on www.speedtest.net

Here’s my speed, and the most of times i had a time out error was beacause the server crashed or i had anything downloading.

ok thx i fixed it :smiley: