Port forwarding ain't work for me :(

Alright, i need to portforward to fix so i can host servers on this computer.

My router is an Inteno AR382 and i got inside the server.

I’ve checked alot of torturials but no much with the router i got.
so anyway while i’m inside.

Steam ports

Alright i see that, going into my router settings. Fills it in

But is this right? cause when i host server i get “Not responding” by friends

I’ve also opened ports in my norton antivirus to both HL2.EXE & Steam.exe. This is not for dedicated server

So you see any wrong that shouldn’t be there? or should i do it in any other way?

Apperciate your help facepunch people!

/ Kubanen


Forgot to notice that i’ve filled the “Server IP Adress” to mine, the pictures didn’t take it.

Okay, Okay, that’s all correct, but tell your friends NOT to go to View Game Info, it WONT WORK!
Go to this website and it will tell you your IP you are supposed to give them, now, copy and paste it into the chat box, DON’T SEND IT YET, and put the port at the end, it’s generally :27015, here’s an example, (Mine is

Go to www.ipchicken.com and give your friends that ip. Don’t worry others can see your server on the master server list.

Server IP address should be filled in with the IP of your computer on the network (internal IP).