Port Forwarding Error Connection Refused for Gmod Server

I have an Alienware 17, and I had a Garry’s mod server that my friends could join. Every time I check port 27015 on canyouseeme.org it says:
Error: I could not see your service on … on port 27015
Connection Refused
I have searched all over the web for possible fixes, none of which have worked, I have turned off all firewalls and have uninstalled Killer Network Manager Suite - which fixed my previous problem. I have never had the connection refused issue before.
Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

No help, OK

Try giving us sometime.

Did you try connecting directly? Without adding additional port digits.

Is your friend hosting it or are you trying to join him directly through steam?

Sorry for the late reply. I am hosting the server and I am more worried about the fact that any port I try and port forward comes up with connection refused. Thank you for the reply.

It would appear that the website can only check if you have a TCP port open, while Garry’s Mod uses UDP. I think most sites of this nature work this way, so the only real way to know if it is working properly is to ask one of your steam friends to connect to the server. Alternatively, if your router isn’t shit, you can try connecting to the server yourself using your external IP address.