Port Forwarding help.


I’ve done everything can think of, tried all kinds of ports, different IP’s, but nothing seems to work. My garry’s Mod server always turns out with my local IP. Can anyone help?
NAT ENDPOINT FILTERING: Turn UDP and TCP to “Endpoint Independent”.

Do you have a DLink DIR-655?

DIR-615, actually.

What modem, because I have a Westell ADSL modem with a DIR-655 and port forwarding doesn’t work.

It’s some sort of Arris.


Couldn’t find anything other than “Arris” and the product code.

The bottom port forwarding should be set to your local ip, like the one above it.

They’re two different pictures of ways I set it up, both don’t seem to work.
Both TCP and UDP.
Also keep in mind that the “never” is always changed to “Always”, it just scrolls back for some reason.