Port Forwarding - Lost on this part.

Ok, before mods start bannig me, I sent a message two days ago about this, but never responded.


Ok, so basically, I have no idea what to do right here. Youtube tutorials barely describe this part or PF’ing.

I don’t think this has to do with Garry’s Mod.

Anyways, http://portforward.com
Look at the router list, find your router, then find the game/program you need the ports opened for, and it should tell you what to do.

How about trying the router interface in a different browser.

First, Open up a CMD prompt, then the page you have open now. Go to applications and gaming, Then click port range forwarding. After that, find the ports of the game that you want to port forward. Now go to the CMD prompt. Type ipconfig into the CMD, After doing so it should show you a whole lot of useless shit. Scroll to the top, when you have reached the top, look for the IPV4 address, The last three numbers are what you want to put in the last open box on your port range forwarding. After that, Click accept and you’re good to go. Also, If you have a changing IP address you will need to repeat the last step again. Happy playing:3