Port forwarding question

Ok so im fairly new to this and i have opened my ports (with the help of portforward.com) BUT my friend is unable to join me. My question is does his ports need to be forwarded, i know people can join because someone attempted to join but didn’t actually appear ingame (probably due to my vast amount of addons)

What model number is your router?
Do you have a static IP address?

You probably have to follow this tutorial to setup an internal Static IP. Then change the settings on your router to that new IP (for the forwarding). Also, your friend cannot join through steam friends, they will need to connect using your external IP. You can find this by going to http://www.ipcake.com, then telling your friend to type “connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:27015” into their console, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx being the IP you got from IpCake. Also, note that your external IP may change every few days. Just go back to IpCake to get your new one.

I’ve set up my static IP, but i was just telling my friend to type connect MY IP without the 27015 also do i select the Hl2 server on portforward.com because i don’t see a Garrys Mod option

Yes, you select Half Life 2 Server.