Port-Forwarding with AT&T UVerse.

First of all, I just want to say I’ve gotten my server to work in the past (a year to a few months ago) by only port forwarding udp 27015-27016.

Also I’m open to any suggestions.

Main questions is has anyone had any troubles or issues port forwarding with at&t uverse?

I can’t seem to get mine to work again and I’ve tried TONs of things.

Thanks for any help.

Even using DMZplus mode doesnt seem to work.

When you’re DMZing, are you sure you’re also selecting the right IP to forwards with?


Presuming you’re using windows, you’re not blocking those ports / applications via the firewall / third party firewall?


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How accurate is a site like this?

I’ve been tesing both my gmod server and minecraft server ports with this and I actually got it to finally tell me that port 25565 is open with minecraft.

What if I try using 25565 as my port for garrys mod?

I wonder if that would work.

Posting my solution for others:

Set the port to 27215 and end at 27215 for both udp and tcp.

Set the port for the server to 27215.

Start up your server, wait for it to say VAC enabled.

Use this site and check that port at your ip.

If it says its open and your server is running correctly, then people should be able to join.

Also you may need to turn firewall off, and make sure you’re blocking the ports/applications with malewarebytes or firewall or whatever.

Also you may need to clear the device lists from your modem/router if you have two conflicting devices with the same name.