Port Forwarding

Hey Facepunch.

I have problem with my port forwarding. I have a DLINK - DIR-855.

I have forwarded like this:


I think it’s correct? But it’s not working anyways… If I enable DMZ it works, but not if I forward like this.

Anyone see the error or have a solution please answer :slight_smile:


Nobody? :confused:

Welcome to the help & support section. The irony of is that it’s neither helpful or supporting since 95% people won’t respond to your thread, and if they do, it will just be a cookie cutter response of no use. I’m dead serious too. I’ve made the same type of thread three times before. The first two times I didn’t even get a response, and the third time wasn’t helpful one bit.

I’d be glad to help you, but I can’t say I know what the problem is.

There’s no need to be a Negative Nelly :ohdear:


Is it a dedicated server?
Is sv_lan set to 0?
And what particularly is the problem?
A. People cannot connect
B. The server is always sv_lan 1
C. Other ________

Hmm… I checked the sv_lan and it was set to 0. People cannot connect unless they are in the same LAN network. However, If I enable the so called “DMZ mode” on the router, which open up every port to the server, It works… By the way, yes, it’s a dedicated server.

Have they tried

connect [ipaddress]


This. I had the same problem as you for ages, then I checked that out and it turned out I was giving out the wrong ip.

Don’t use DMZ mode, it’s dangerous; also I think that you are missing some ports, heres all the ports that I opened for Garry’s Mod and they work.





Also, server IP = Your IP with :27015 at the end of it.