I was playing Starcraft(broodwar) and I was port Forwarding so I could host my own games. Then I got bored and came back to Rust and now I can’t find any of the servers I used to play. I tried manually connecting through console and now it doesn’t work. How do I fix this? Q_Q

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  1. Check your windows firewall. Disable it and try again. If it works, then add a rule of rust.exe application.

  2. Disable your antivirus firewall if you have one… Do the same thing as 1.

  3. Close all opened ports you have opened when having your sc server.

  4. If none of the following options has worked, reformat. JK JK :slight_smile:

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try to update your steam. go in your tray and close steam. relaunch it and it may fix the problem. I think youre playing on a old client version, because you left rust for freaking starshit and you didnt update rust for a while.

I tried disabling my firewall and antivirus, didn’t help. I closed steam and reloaded steam/Rust. There wasn’t any new updates.

I don’t know how to close Centurylink ports q_q

How do you know it is a routing issue and not something like a game update needed via steam or a switch from dev tree.

What is your network setup and config.

Do you have teamviewer? I can help you fix your problem if you give my friend’s server a try when Im done ok?