Port Fowarding

Ok so i followed the port fowarding guide on how to foward the ports. and my server still isnt visible. Can anyone help?

Is your firewall off? That’s what i had to do with mine.

yeah its off

what are your port forward ranges?

One should be 27000-27015 and the other should be 1200-1200. If I’m wrong, send me a message.

damm still no. does anyone have a veralink router? its a westell 327 i believe

Did you at any point restart (turn off, and on) your router ?

Are we supposed to do this after we forward? Because 1, I don’t know how to restart mine, and two, I never had to restart it for Warcraft III to allow me to host.

Most of the time, routers will restart themselves after you forward any ports (Obvious clue of this is an interruption in internet connection after applying the settings).

If you can DMZ your router, you dont have to worry about forwarding your ports! it does it all for you and opens needed ones automatically. Some say it isnt very safe, but who cares, i dedicate an entire PC for hosting and dont do anything else on it… so what are hackers gonna steal? lua codes? XD

Well, given the right situation, upload a virus/malicious program, execute it, and spread to other LAN computers, or spread to outside computers. Also, DMZ doesn’t only open “needed” ones, it disables the packet scanner for that computer…