Port L4D models to Gmod.

Hi there.

Well, after 3 days playing the demo, i started thinking about adding L4D models to Gmod. So i went to steamapps and found the GCFs… that are not GCF. Instead, there are 2 No Cache File files.
Ok, just like a GCF, just i can’t extract the shit out of it. So i went to the common folder, where i found the “left 4 dead demo” folder.

After minutes and minutes trying to find the models… i believed they changed almost everything. Exit the .mdl files, hello .ani and .vtx ! That was just not logic, that’s still Source Engine damn !
So i just opened the console to check out the version of the Source Engine… and i suddenly felt some kind of goodness in my pants… and hurt in my ass.

HL2 => Source Engine 7
TF2 => Source Engine 14
L4D => Source Engine 36

First, i was so happy to see that it’s more a new Graphic Motor than a little upgrade of actual Source. But then, i was getting afraid : MAYBE THEY ALSO CHANGED THE .mdl and .vtf ?!

I kept exploring the files, and i still didn’t find a shit.
So now, 2 possibilities :

-The models are on the pak**_***.vpk in common\left 4 dead demo\left4dead

-The models are now as .ani files.

So, now how are we supposed to port them to gmod ? :uhoh:

I thought .ani files were cursor animation files. Such as the Windows hourglass.

Not in this case they aren’t.

L4D is on a new engine of the source engine which garry’s mod isn’t
Garry’s Mod is on the EP2/TF2 engine, while L4D is it’s own version. That’s why when people tried to put Team Fortress 2 models, or Portal models, it didn’t work. Garry didn’t update it. When garry wants to port them, it will work. For sure my friend.

5543Ko cursor ? :v:

I thought about this, i dunno if this would work, but its worth a go.

go onto “the hidden”'s website, grab hiddencontentgmod10.rar (http://www.hidden-source.com/downloads/HiddenContentGMOD10.rar)

do everything except instead of putting hidden things in, put the l4d things in. Adjust the the spawn list (/settings/spawnlist) accordingly (Could take hours if done manually)

Copy and paste into the addons folder



This would works if actually we had Left 4 Dead .mdl files.

But we don’t, so we are back to square one

Why keeps Valve calling the (obviously heavily modified) L4d engine “source”? That’s irritating.

Well, from what I’ve heard Garry is moving Garry’s Mod to the L4D engine so we would be able to port the models then. My only concern is if our old models would work under the new engine.

they will because L4D uses lots of models from CSS.

No it doesn’t

Then can call it whatever you want. It’s still the source. It’s the like, the 36th version, it’s obviously gonna be modified.


…Take pictures of the L4D auto-shotty and the CSS one. Compair.

You folks are funny.

The materials and models are packed inside vpk, they’re not compressed or anything…just packed away.

I can easily guess Garry will switch from the Ep2 engine to the L4D engine. It’s actually quite predictable. Also when it comes out we could expect an update to let us mount L4D to Garry’s mod without any work whatsoever.

Yeah but Garry is Garry, he will be slow and we are inpatient!

Quite right. The .mdl files are still v48 and the .vtf files are still v7.4
The .ani files are now v49 (up from v48) though.
I tried one of the maps in Crafty but it didn’t open, so that’s the only GMod content problem that I can see.

By the size, I suspect the models and materials are in the .vpk files, we need an extractor, fast.

You know, this is just the demo and Valve might have just made it like this just to fuck with us. (IE not editing the models and stuff before the game’s released) The actual game could be back in good ol’ .GCF. We’ll see. Besides, these files are encrypted as of now aren’t they?

I found this when trying to get the files open. might only help a very little.
Not sure if it has anything to do with this sort of ‘.vpk’ format.


and a ‘.pdf’ about something.

I have honestly no idea what this is.