Port Overlap on a Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster (WRT54GS)

I have just made a server not to long ago and I need help getting a port working as my router is not letting me forward a important port, in this case 27015 to 27015 UDP, so my server can be seen on the internet, or enterable, the server IP is

This page is also seen here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1064495-Port-Overlap-on-a-Wireless-G-Broadband-Router-with-SpeedBooster-(WRT54GS)


go to www.cmyip.com to check your IP

then put a the “:27015” end if your IP because “” is a LAN ip

Moreless, the computer is connected to the router via cable, not wireless

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Besides, I put in 116 because it wants to know what computer on my net is wanting to use that port

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More so, when invite someone to my server via steam by clicking “Invite to Game”, they say it’s unresponsive, but you could have a point on the LAN as it just came to me as I was connected to my server by using it’s local network address other then using the unique internet IP that every computer uses if using the Internet, but I would have wait intill the weekend before I can correct this on my site as I only have my iPod to work on, even right now as I speak, intill I can get on my Mac to fix the site as the iWeb app is the one that I use to edit my site, in this cause, jmservers.clanteam.com, I will fix the mistake.