Port Request - Brawl Zelda

Hey all, I’m just popping in with what I really hope is a simple request. I’ve seen a lot of model ports from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Almost half the roster is probably in Gmod by now, but no Zelda yet. I know that the Twilight Princess model has been ported, I have it, and it’s awesome, but I love Zelda’s look in Brawl.

So that’s it, really. Brawl Zelda, just as a ragdoll, don’t need NPC or Playermodel support or anything like that. If all her skins could be included and changed via the bodygroup tool, that would rock. If that’s asking too much, I totally understand, but I would love it if it could work.

A huge thank you to anyone who might take on this project! You guys do awesome work here.

I agree with you but I’d personally like to see Melee Zelda. I did see her in a screenshot before but she was never released.

It’s the same model, brawl zelda’s outfit is just lighter.

Yeah, melee Zelda is nice, but Brawl would be higher poly, which is better for comic/screenshot/machinima/posing purposes. Still, using a melee Zelda as basically a higher-res OoT Zelda would be perfect.

Are you sure? I looked at both of them, and it looked like there were enough differences to be significant. If I’m wrong, though, reskins would be just fine.

Well there is also her alt brawl costume that makes her a blonde again. Either one will do.

EDIT: Nevermind, pardon my stupidity.

It’s all good, hun. :slight_smile:

So is anyone willing to take this project on? Sorry if it seems like I’m being impatient, I’m just curious if this has any shot at getting done, or if I’m better off just taking the time and software to learn how do it myself.

In Brawl, there´s actually a Melee costume adapted to Brawl, and her new costume, also it´s cool her blue dress

So here’s a thought: what would i need to reskin the current Zelda model into her brawl costumes?

UPDATE: Sorry for the double post, but I’ve done some checking and pretty much confirmed that Twilight Princess Zelda and Brawl Zelda share the same model, but I’ve got the brawl version on my computer nonetheless. I’ve also gotten my hands on Brawl Zelda’s textures, but they’re in a format I’ve never even seen before. .pac and .pcs, I think. Question now is what would I or someone else have to do to get those textures into a format that is recognizable, and then to put them on the current Zelda model for selection via the bodygroup tool. I know these are all pretty noobish questions, but I’m kinda noobish myself. Help a gal out?

Hmmm… you should ask someone expert on these, how Haxxer, or luigimario. Luigimario sure will help, but i don´t know what happened to him, he seems to be inactive for a while, also that he was working in random models, how Disney bosses from KH or Popeye

Did you get the blonde Zelda textures also?

Indeed I did. I have all the alt costume textures, it’s just getting them in a format that I can understand that’s the problem. If there’s anyone willing to take this on, I would send them everything I have, blonde OoT-style Zelda included.

I already got her is in the invis ghost packs

I’ve been hearing a lot about those packs, but I’ve been unable to find them. You wouldn’t happen to have a link, would you?

I don’t see it in there. I bet it’s just the TP one anyways.

Yeah, I managed to find it, and got the same result. If I had to guess, I’d say Firekloken was thinking of Samus. Still awesome, but not our princess.

You ´re right that the only Zelda ragdoll it´s from TP, but isn´t in Invisghost pack

But you just said…

Ugh nevermind not worth it.

So…you have that files? I wonder what happened with luigi…you can ask to him, he can do that models, but i think it´s on his “future works”, i wish if he can port a Luigi, but in his Waluigi suit