Port to zoidbergs anims?

If i send you a model, do you think you can port it to zoidbergs animations? It would be greatly appreciated.

Could you rephrase that?
What zoidberg animations?

You dont know what zoidbergs animations are do you… Ok, for HL2 pistol skinning on fpsbanana, there are 2 main animations people use. The standard hl2 animations, and the zoidberg animations. Any pistol skin with 2 hands instead of 1 is zoidbergs. So what im asking is for someone to change the model to zoidbergs animations. However, the model i have is in mdl form so i dont know if it would work well.

I never knew they were called zoidberg animations, which made me think you were talking about Zoidberg, also, what are the models? just hands or what?

Its a glock viewmodel

you rang?


He is talking about this.

Yeah those animations.


Or can someone tell me how to port them to zoidburg’s animations

bump I need these soon.

Is it for some project or something? You need to tell us what it’s for or else most people won’t do it.

Sorry, facepunch wasn’t letting me login. It’s for my source mod. Long story short, it has to be a glock or people are gonna bitch and moan. I had a usp but it has to be a glock apparently. Thanks.

Do you have permission to use the animations in your source mod.

I don’t ever use anything of someone elses in ANY way shape or form without full permission.

It’s a habit i’ve gotten myself into