Portable hyperdrive available for download!!!

I was bored so i made this small addon for you guys out there who ever wanted to make a Hyperdrive but didnt know how to Wire it,It has eight(8) presetable
destinations just follow the instructions and you will avoid any glitches of the game.
It can be welded to any and I repreat any prop or object.(Sugested use: weld it to a puddlejumper and u have a hyperjumper :P)


Num Enter ==== Jump to selected destination

Num . ==== Set the actual coordinates as a destination ******

Num + ==== Select next destination

Num - ==== Select previous destination

****** ==== When you have set a destination for example: destination 1(152.1551,112.1565,125.1513(coordinates)),after the set always advance
one(with Num + or Num -) destination to avoid replacing the original.The drive locks on the gps coords. given by the GPS module mounted on it no need for entering numbers.



Advanced Duplicator(preferably an SVN version)


The HoverDriveController By TAD2020

Have fun with it!!