Portable level editor for PDA would kick ass...

Who else thinks it would kick ass to have a Windows Mobile or Palm version of Hammer or WC or Quark?
Its technically possible… and the touchscreen would be fun to map with. Furthermore, It would rock to design levels while riding the bus etc.


Something like this but laid out in a landscape view without the annoying 3dview and it would be awesome.

Honestly I think a laptop is good enough.

It’s not “technically possible”

You’d have to wait hours for a simple room to compile, and you’d get about .01 frames per second in wireframe mode

I was thinking the original worldcraft for half-life, without the 3d view and save it to VMF’s so you dont have to compile directly on the unit… lol but I guess Xscale proccesors suck… 700MHZ 256mb ram is more then enough to run WorldCraft decently.

How do you plan on mapping… Without a 3d view?

The screen would probably be too small to work with productively. A tablet PC would be a better choice.

Plus not enough ram to run either. I can’t run hammer on my laptop for that reason.

What about a pipboy 300?

I think you mean 3000. And that used vaccum tubes. If anything it would have less power than a netbook.

As far as I know the PSP can run BSP files using the Quake engine (homebrew of course) now if only I could get the decompiler working to make PSP maps. The game itself runs great, a level editor on the PSP would totally be possible, and even more possible on the iPhone.

My bad, that’s a typo.

Edit: And i think this would be cool, but not plausable.

If it happened it wouldn’t be hammer, it’d be an independant program but with vmf.