Portable Shield

One thing I’ve noticed is that we have plenty of weapons to attack one another, but nothing in terms of defense while on the move. Sure there are things like metal armor, but what about a defensive shield. Nothing medieval looking (has to look rustified), but can use different levels of material - twig, wooden, scrap, reinforced. They all take damage and eventually break, but can help someone possibly defend against an incoming melee attack or projectile. Just a thought. Commence Criticism

I always though that a “skyrim style” would work great for a game like rust (Im talking about the distinction between left and right hand) however I think that could be added some blueprints that would allow to carry a shield with the current system…

4 example:

Wood Shield blueprint
Bone Shield blueprint
Metal Shield Blueprint

*Primary attack hit with the shield, secondary take cover with the shield.

Later add another bunch of blueprints that could be:

“Shield” + “one hand weapon” = mix of them.


BP: Hatchet with Bone Shield: Requires “Bone Shield” + “hatchet”

  • Primary attack, the primary attack of the melee weapon and secondary attack take cover with shield.

of course this would require that facepunch guys add a diferent blueprint and “weapon model” about every possibility of melee weapon + shield, but I really think that it would worth it.

As a Warrior of Odin, one day bound for Valhalla, i approve of Shields being added to Rust so that i can stand at the shield wall with my Brothers and defend against the Raiders

stay in bush lol…

it would be nice if you placed the shield on your back when you’re not using it
cool shitty defense for nakeds :slight_smile:

2 words ~ Riot Shield

Shields should totally be a thing. Depending on the size of the shield would determine if you can hold a one-handed weapon, like a hatchet/pistol or some shit. Can’t fire an AK while you have it, etc.

This game is about YOUR survival. NOT what the game can provide you for survival.
This game is on an island with minimal resources. Now you want something that isn’t even a thing we as humans can create?

How can’t we build simple medieval shields again? The Riot shields are partially understandable but I mean we have guns…which are far from simple to make.

It should also be possible to customize the shields, e.g. write text on it, change color etc. And you should be able to put them on your back if you don’t equip it, like on Zelda Ocarina of Time, this should protect the back from arrows, bullets, hits (depending on the material of the shield).

rush, a shield is easier to make than a gun.

what about a shield with spikes on it that does dmg to people if you run into them?
that would make a lot of funny moments XD

Not only spikes but with barb wire and a slot to poke your gun out of so you can shoot while you defend

Your right and I hit reply before actually reading fully the intention. My bad.
I was thinking of some kind of star wars generator that would shield you with a forcefield or something…lol I guess all in all I am feeling this game is getting ridiculously over zealous and the more outrageous suggestions just adds to it.

It’s a sign that you can carry and hide behind! I like it! I also like the idea of being able to add spikes (maybe bone knives) or barbed wire for damage-dealing shields. I think shield durability should be impacted as it absorbs damage: a shield is destroyed after absorbing a total of 500 damage (or whatever value makes sense).

fair enough mate. and in the case of forcefields, i wholeheatedly agree they have no place in rust lol:)