Portal 2 a falling map

How does the map sp_a3_00 work?

How do they fall and hit different holes teleporting somewhere else and how is there a prop falling with it and how can’t the player take the prop?

And how can I let the player fall on a platform and then he rolls or something like and then let him fall again?

The player is fixed in one spot the entire time, it’s the environment itself that’s moving. It’s also divided into “chunks” that spawn in scripted succession and move up, giving the illusion of falling. The potato prop is also merely attached to an animated model, which is why it appears to be falling “naturally” with slight fluctuations. Basically, just decompile the map to get a look at all the specifics.

Its an overrided prop but why I can’t take it?

Because you’re not in the room with it. And it’s not a prop_physics that you can interact with. It’s probably a prop_dynamic.