Portal 2: Abyss, Looking for Modellers

Hi, I am Francis Racicot, Aka Pac0master, I am the lead developer of a Fan base mod called : Portal 2: Abyss.
See our Moddb Page here: www.moddb.com/mods/portal-2-abyss

Since the last few months, I have made some progression on the story and believe that the creation of a Team would be way more efficient than trying to get different helps over the internet.
This is why I came to you guys, I need people who are interested to help out with the project.

Since this is an unpaid job request, you will keep all the credit and rights over all the works you will be doing with us. I am also willing to link your portfolio if requested whenever we are showing your work in the public.
Also, There is no time restriction. you can take your time and relax and works on the project whenever you can, well, as long as it is reasonable. Please do not apply if you don’t have a few hours free every weeks.

Most of job will consist of modelling different structural parts such as Beams, gantry, railing, catwalks, trusses or even machineries.

We are looking for modellers that are experienced with Source Engine.
Please, apply if you are interested and if you meet the following requirement.

  • Can texture
  • Can export models to Source
  • Own Portal 2 on steam.
  • Have a quick way to communicate ex: Skype
    An other very useful trait would be the possibility to animate.
    Portal 2 use a lot of pre-rendered physics scenes which are also known as scripted sequences.

To apply, Please fill the following form

Only the chosen candidate will be contacted.
Thank you for your time!


It’s also possible to contact me at: francis92racucot@gmail.com