Portal 2 Authoring Tools released

Get cracking!

Fucking sweet as soon as I’m back home for good I’m going to download and more than likely get mappers block.

Holy Fuck!

We can create new character skins, 3D models, SFX and Music!
Source Level Editor is kind of a generic name, but oh well, it doesn’t matter
Update faceposer for Vista/7 :slight_smile:
Sample maps, useful.

I hope this is as good as it sounds

Well, they did make it easier to use, in a way…

I’ve been just browsing through the instances, and there’s instances for literally everything. Observation rooms, lights of all kind and colour, moving panels and non-moving panels and puzzle elements and entire test chambers… Shit’s crazy.

i was just wondering what the new tool in my steam menu was. i saw one had been added but i didnt know what it was.

Time to create some awesome co-op maps.

Fuck, Once i have it, Im Not sure what to do with it…

This feels just how i felt when the Left 4 Dead SDK came out.

Now i’m planning my map.
I’ts not going to be teschamber.

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Should i go for oilrig?

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Turnig gels in to oil :v:

I don’t think that the authoring tools work on XP, seeing as everyone else that I know that uses XP can’t use it… Well, time to upgrade to Windows 7…

Ah im probably going to try to create a portal 2 map outside of the aperture science complex.

It would be interesting to see what puzzle you can create without sticking to a test room layout.

Oh great, they had to release it when I broke my right wrist.


What’s to disagree about Sphinxa, it’s true :\

I started working on my map a couple days before the official SDK came out. I’m glad it’s finally out officially though. Here’s some work in progress screenshots, how does it look? Constructive feedback would be appreciated.



Kinda hard to see because the images are tiny, but looks good.

Also, Imageshack sucks.

Sorry, I should have used something better. Here’s some higher resolution ones.


Use filesmelt or dropbox

I always prefer Mediafire, it’s always been reliable. I didn’t use it because my friend told me to use Imageshack, so I assumed that for some reason Mediafire wouldn’t work.

imgur.com > everything else I’ve seen in terms of image hosting sites.