Portal 2 content

I’m wondering if Portal 2 content is going to be officially supported any time soon, would especially be nice if we could spawn working turret and personality core NPCs

Nope, portal 2 has its own source version i can find because instead of hl2.exe uses portal2.exe like half life 2 launcher

Ah, so it’s highly unlikely the content will be officially supported.

There are various problems loading the models and even sound files, they have a different format. However Portal 2 uses the VPK files which is the same as Left 4 Dead content, in case garry manages to implement reading the new format it will likely come.

And the launcher exe has absolutely nothing to do if its possible or not, L4D and L4D2 do run both on a different engine as well.

Huh, so it CAN be done if Garry and his team figure it out, but it’ll likely be like with Left 4 Dead 2 where we lose the NPCs which would be a shame as having a working Portal turret NPC would be awesome, or to spawn and torment Wheatley.

There is no team, just Garry :v:. Garry may get around to mounting Portal 2 content, however each game has to be managed and treat individually. If it’s too much effort for Garry, then it won’t happen.

Makes sense to me I suppose, I didn’t know it was him alone, I figured he had help.

I doubt Garry will easily get Portal 2 stuff into Gmod (I don’t trust backwards compatiablity that much except for when it comes to L4D and L4D2. Even if Bloo-cobalt ports something from the Portal 2 version of Source the models would have problems that will be hard to fix in order to fit in the Orange Box engine), I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for Garry’s custom version of the Source Engine (I wonder what that engine will show us? I hope it comes with some of the graphical features from Valve’s titles, mostly the Post Processing like those Visuals that should connect to Gameplay. NOTE: Requires Adobe Reader to read the PDF file that is linked).

Anyway, the release of Portal 2 has discontinued Left 4 Dead’s engine branch. But, I’m not sure what or how Garry and his fellows will make use of those L4D features.

If you want the portal 2 content, just go to garrysmod.org and poke around for the portal 2 content megapack.

Course… ATM garrysmod.org is down, or maybe it is just me…