Portal 2 Core Faceposer Tutorial

People are asking me when we can expect The Portal 2 Core Ports to have Faceposing

The answer?
(at least Im not doing it)

The faceposer system uses flexes which “sculpt” the meshes vertexes into various shapes. Most valve models with eyes use an eye texture that can “slide” over the mesh so the eye is looking in diffrent directions using Sources flex system (kinda the same principal as sprites, they will always face you)

A Portal 2 cores expressions are driven by gesture animations, furthermore a Portal 2 core eye is a weighmapped and skeleton rigged mesh with a static texture that uses the standard gesture system to make eye movements.

If you didnt undersand any of that the basic answer is:
Cores dont have “faces” so no faceposing

Fortunately for machinima makers there is a workaround
Using the Source SDK’s Faceposer Software.


Note: This Tutorial assumes that you already know how to use Source SDK faceposer if you do not please refer to these tutorials
Note: If your only interested in Doing Choreo Schenes for cores you can skip the whole lip syncing thing, while the cores in Portal 2 Do use a phenome system it is unsupported not even the Portal 2 Authoring Tools Faceposer can open it (If Valve cares they'll fix this)


[h2]1. Create an NPC[/h2]

local Category = "Portal 2"

local NPC = {     Name = "Personality Sphere (glados)", 
                Class = "generic_actor",
                Model = "models/cores/gladoscore.mdl",
                Health = "100",
                                KeyValues = { citizentype = 1 },
                Category = Category    }

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_gladosc", NPC )

replace gladoscore with the core of your choosing
save it in garrysmod/lua/autorun as gladoscoreNPC.lua

[h2]2. Make an animation in Source SDK Faceposer[/h2]

[h2]3. Get the NPCscene STOOL[/h2]

Note: The STOOL ONLY plays GESTURES if you plan on using the STOOL do NOT use any sequences they wont play! ONLY gestures!!!


[h2]4. Shoot the core with it[/h2]


[h2]5. Record Video[/h2]

and that pretty much all there is to it

I might make a video tutorial

I am in the process of making a Core VCD Pack With Loads of Core facial expressions
Great for Stop motion machinima!

Hope this tutorial helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for this tutorial. Favorited it for later once i get custom particles working.

I’m wanting to create custom faceposing for wheatley, only problem is I cannot open it in faceposer AND I do not have Garry’s mod.

How did you even open the core model in faceposer?

EDIT: Dont worry, used Portal 2’s faceposer in the authoring tools.