Portal 2, CS:GO, and L4D2 mounting

I have noticed lately that these games can now be mounted after the last update, however i also noticed that none of the maps can load because they are bsp version 21. So i was wondering if there was gonna be plans for Gmod to be able to run bsp version 21 maps. I’m no coder so i have no idea how hard that would be, but i was wondering if it was ever a plan or if this part of the update was simply accidental.

It’s impossible to play on version 21 maps in the current non-post L4D2 engine, since these maps were made in later versions of Source.

My thoughts say that these maps were unintentional, but I suppose it’s possible to play those maps if someone were to decompile and recompile in the Source SDK…

There is an old tutorial of how to port These newer source maps over to GMod, but I’ll have to find it when I have a good amount of time.

Is this it?

It is!

"Hey, the VPK Extractor is no longer necessary. Just use GCFScape (post 1.7.1) and extract the models needed, or wait for GMOD 13 to fully and properly support Post Orange Box ​model formats and we only need to deal with the maps "

It should become even easier next week when GMod for SteamPipe is released.