Portal 2 Fizzler material tool request

Tried looking through quickly, but couldn’t find anything like what I’m looking for, so thought I’d at least ask. After finally figuring out what the texture file for the fizzler in Portal 2 actually is and trying to use material_override to apply it I came to the sad discovery that it does not work as-is in gmod… So what I was hoping is that someone would maybe be able to convert the texture, or even re-create it, and allow it to be used in the material tool.

Hopefully someone who has the skills to do this sees this and thinks it’s a good idea… either way, figured it’s worth a shot to ask.

Thanks for reading.

Models / Skin requests.

Seemed more apropriate than any other catagory, but if you know where it actually should go, please tell me

He already did.

oh, my bad. totally misread that… and missed the subforum in the first place… Someone please delete this >.>