Portal 2 Gel / Fluid / Paint

Just my garry’s mod addon :slight_smile:

C’mon :wink:

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/not your addon" - postal))

gives the nod

Post some screenshots, a description, and just make the thread look generally nicer.

I really don’t think I would ever use this addon.
But thank you for putting your time into it.

This used to be on toybox, Did you actually make it or did you just port it and say you made it?

That’s the exact same goddamn thing that was in toybox. You focken kiddin me?

I have take the toybox addon for have a models , and i have totaly make it


It just hurts my eyes reading this…

Please use google translate or something. Or just message MaxofS2D

I feel like I’ve seen this addon before, with another author before you. Can’t place my finger on it.

Read the thread…

i seen this addon before, its not yours. and even if i haven’t seen it before, the complete and utter lack of work was put into this thread and its work shop page is telling me somethings up. if you managed to fix a gmod 12 addon into gmod 13, great for you. but don’t be taking credit for others work

Overv made it, I saw him commenting the workshop addon asking for credits and the author keeps deleting them…

such wow.

best addon year all years

Thanks for ‘More glitch debugged’.

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But yeah this addon is Overv’s - you should really remove it.

Wait! You are saying this is not his code?
Are you telling me we have another code stealer?

Are you fucking joking?
I’m getting sick of this…