Portal 2 Heavy/Medic co op bot skins

For Portal 2 I would like to see a replacement for the co op bots as Heavy(atlas) and Medic(p-body) with there sounds replaced all so. If someone here could do that Id love you! (no homo)

This sounds like more of something you would need to ask about in a topic for general Portal 2 Modding discussion.

And as it is, you’re asking alot for a game that has limited moddding abilities as it is such as Portal 2, so really, REALLY don’t get your hopes up with this one.

well its got the same things like MDLs and VMTs and such like TF2 dose so That why I thought of it
but I wouldn’t know how to rework the stuff for it.

If you really want to get technical, anything on the Source engine will have .VMT and .MDL files if you look hard enough (TF2, Portal series, L4D series, etc.). Doesn’t necessarily mean they can easily be modded, though.

True ture but it could still be possible in a way you just have to like re wright the vmts and re work the mdl files so it works like the portal 2 files …all thought there would probly be trobble with animations sence clearly they are way differently rigged and so on.