Portal 2 map decompile program?

Just found one, rate me boxes. or useful if you didn’t know about it.

You should probably know that decompiling maps is frowned upon here. You should only do so if you want to know how a map is made.

Or if you wanted to add some notable location from one of Valve’s maps to one of your own (ie Glado’s chamber or parts of the Citadel). In that case, why remake it from scratch if the end result will look exactly the same because that’s what your were going for?


  1. Decompiling will most likely give you errors in the brushwork which will fuck with VVIS something awful


  1. You don’t get any practice out of it. That’s like saying ‘I want to have a scene in my film where a big-ass ship sinks but why would I make it myself when I could just use footage from Titanic’.

Decompile the map to figure out how shit is done. Take measurements if you have to. But don’t expect any support from the mapping community if you’re going to copy and paste content.