Portal 2 Mapping Question

Hey guys, got a question… I’m trying to make a companion cube play some creepy sounds while having it picked up, but when I attempt to add them, no sounds are displayed… Can anyone give me a simple tutorial on how to get vo sounds (Potatos ones, which I was using), to do such a thing?

You need to use ambient_generic for your sounds. Your output should look like this in the cube.

OnPickUp|(name of ambient generic here)|Play|0.00|No

Don’t forget to parent the Ambient_Generic to the cube

You can’t parent Ambient_generics. You have to set its Emitting point as the cube.

He could set it to play everywhere

If you want the sound to loop, remember to add cues: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Looping_a_Sound

For some reason the sound “npc/glados/potatos_fgb_confrontation05.vcd” won’t play, even after doing what you guys suggested.

But then it’s not coming from the cube, is it?