Portal 2 Maps.

Post here your portal 2 maps.

If you want to post a download link, feel free.
But please post pics.

Im mainly waiting for maps with the new mechanics of portal 2 to make a video series.
But destroyed chambers without portal 2 techniques are also welcome.

So, what are you waiting for, POST IT NOW!

Portal 2 maps? Wait what?

When portal 2 is released maybe there will be more of this.

If you must have something:

Say please.

Awesome, I will post my portal 2 maps here as soon as the sdk gets released. :v:

Rate him clocks for being too early.

NO, you have dont understand (rate me dumb for dont putting for portal 1)
Post here your Portal 2 like maps for portal 1.

I am so lost.

I doubt people are making many portal 2 like maps…they will be making portal 1 maps, and waiting patiently for portal 2.

Plus…if they have released anything, it will be in the RELEASES section.

I think he means to re-create the known screenshots or footage from Portal 2 in Portal 1.

Dude what do you mean, Portal 2 is’nt even out yet? :clint:

From the sounds of it, he really thinks the ‘Episode 3 engine’ SDK is out.

Maybe the update is what they are using to make EP3 with!

That would explain why it is taking so long to make.

No, no.
I know theres no Portal 2.
GreenDolphin understanded this topic.

Matsilagi’s mind = blown.

He wants us to make him Portal 2-ish maps but he knows the request section isn’t very populated, so he’s made a crappy thread for us to make and post our portal 2-ish maps disguised as a… Well I don’t know what it is, but this is a request thread.

On the page

Holy mother of jesus!


ITT: clocks everywhere

Green Bandit’s making some pretty cool maps that have a very “Portal 2” feel to them.