[Portal 2] Master Test 01

This is the First Map i Completed with Hammer Editor and Puzzle Maker

Welcome Test Subject … Its Cave, I have a bad news and a good news … The bad news is that we caused an hole in the fabric of space … the good news is we now have more test chambers.

Current Version: 0.4
Difficulty: Medium

The test chamber is currently in Beta but it is entirely playable





Play Here!

Adding destruction animation instead of a test chamber already damaged
adding one more test chamber
Fixing every glitch
Adding an Easter egg
Making the Second test chamber harder than the first one

V. 0.4 added details
V. 0.3 Changed the Slime Pit by a bottomless Pit
V. 0.2 Added Red Light
------- Added Props Static
V. 0.1 First version of the map

Actualy the V0.5 almost out. It fix out most of the glitch

I will remove the platform that go up and down its useless… I first wanted it to help the player going at the button … but ill place a portalable texture at the wall instead of the thing

I will also make an invisible wall that get out after 1 sec when you travel to the door … or just make the door farther so you cant get to it … 1 sec delay will revent people from jumping into a portal and they will fall into the pit … but the transportation beam will let you pass because it is slow and it will hold you

And Master Test 01 Part 2 alpha is out too!!

I will Re Edit this map on Hammer Editor to make the environment similar to Master Test 1 because this is the chamber right after you go in the elevator :3 … And the map will be added to Master Test 1 to fit perfectly smooth with it.

If you wonder where Master Test 2 is … I am still thinking about it … I must be more experimented with Hammer editor, Its gonna be in a Cave (old aperture)

When done, all of my maps (master test) will contain an Easter Egg its gonna be a part of a Code for my Final map (Master Test 5 or 6) where you will be able to open a door then have a surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

Sry for bad grammar english is not my first language.

have you ever posted a map that wasnt “in beta”?

It looks pretty good apart from some bad texturework

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wait is this all just one chamber

A long time ago i posted a map with the same name … i just erased the maps and rebuilding them

Its still some kind of Beta … The map is done but I will add more stuff in it … like the destructible walls etc but I am not enough experimented with hammer yet so i cant do it right now.

Tell me what should i work on about the Texture work ?
I want to improve myself as much that i can.

Thanks for the feedback

It isn’t a bad start. As for criticism, the corners probably shouldn’t be shaped like that. Portal maps are usually in squares and rectangles. The textures on said areas don’t look right to me:


If you see what I mean. Otherwise, keep it up.

yeh i know what you mean, I shaped it like that because my first try was to make a hole then see the tube and the cube dropper but it was glitchy and didnt been able to fix it up correcly.

I will maybe change the texture right there

Thanks for the feedback