[PORTAL 2 MOD] BeGLaDOS - We Need You !


I’m GLaDOS and i have for project to make the mod BeGLaDOS.

This mod called BeGLaDOS allows you to control GLaDOS.

So if i post a thread here is because i need a team, we have already a scripter (Felix Griffin) and i need more persons. (ideas, scripters, modeller, texture artist… and more.)

If you want to join the team, add me on steam :


BeGLaDOS is a concept where you can control GLaDOS or a test subject. It’s a cooperative concept,
where one of the two players can control GLaDOS when the second one is the test subject.
With that unique concept, you can make your friend suffer by putting traps,
let him go out of the center, put him into cryosleep or make him solve tests to death.
But like all good test subjects, He won’t stand there twisting his thumbs.
He will, on several occasions, be able to escape. but GLaDOS isn’t stupid, She will do everything to stop him.

**OLD screenshoots : **




**NEW screenshoots : **






Videos :

Looks very interesting, good progress!

Another person is interested ?

Wish I could help you, but I have minimum experience in mapping, realized a bit late what you meant.
But anyway, your current content looks very promising.