[Portal 2 Mod] Team looking for various Talented people.

Note that we have no budget, thus all of this is voluntary works as we cannot afford to pay for any services.

We are looking for talented individuals who wish to contribute to our Portal 2 Mod called “Abyss”

We’re looking to expand the team and we would like talented people to join us.
Our team is composed of people all around the world working on the project during their free time.

We’ve been working on the project for years now and it’s going too slow for our liking, thus we make this Job Ad hoping some people will be interested.

You can learn more about us here:
Discord: https://discord.gg/w3eX7YW
Website: http://portal2abyss.com/
Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/portal-2-abyss

----Requirement/Job Description----

  • Modelling most common objects either structural or mechanical Ie: Doors, Trusses, Pillars, Weapons, etc.
  • Texturing “UV mapping” the models
  • Exporting to Source Engine


  • Creating various animation for the props created by the Modellers. (Mostly mechanical animation)
  • Exporting to Source Engine

[Level Designer]

  • Creating complete and playable Maps on Hammer Editor
  • Great eye for Details and Lighting.

[Web Designer]

  • Keeping up to date the Official Site

[To Apply]
Please, contact me on Discord Pac0master#1506
or fill this following form https://goo.gl/forms/Sm36VddnTFJzvYwp1

Thank you for your time