Portal 2 models & textures to Garry's Mod 13

Hi there, I am having some trouble getting Portal 2 models & textures to work in Garry’s Mod (Counter-Strike Source for SDK/Hammer), I’ve extracted the Portal 2 materials and models folder and tried to run the ‘fixer’ from the other thread, however the .bat file I need leads to an invalid thread (http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1081678). I have tried Googling for a solution but always lead to dead ends/links.

I had it set up a while ago where even the broken glass material with shader was working in GMod 12. However now none of the models or textures show up and the ones that do are broken or have missing textures.

I am specifically interested in the overgrowth/foliage textures and models but there are some concrete textures I’d like as well. Has anyone got any ideas?